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abstract figurative

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Oil and
mix media paintings

During her artist residency in 2019 in New York, Raytchev started working with oil paints. She developed her unique signature style by contrasting oils with other mediums such as enamel, spray paint, oil pastels and paper collages.  

Paintings from 2019-2021 commented and discussed  female empowerment, sexual abuse, power dynamics in relationships, healing and nature. Raytchev research included infamous story of Artemisia Gentileschi as well and interviews with survivors. 

She exhibited the full body of work from this collection at her 2nd solo show held in 2021 at S&P Gallery in London, Chelsea and Kensington area. 

abstract portraiture

progress nto perfection

Acrycic paintings

Raytchev first body of work led to her first solo show in London’s Notting Hill in 2015. She personally interviewed addicts in recovery and created large scale abstract portraits. 

Spiked detail, texture and strong brush strokes, juxtaposed with detail and sensual line work describes Raytchev’s style from 2016-2019. 

from early work to independent small collections 

small works works on paper

Raytchev has been drawing since childhood. Classically trained in life drawing and still like, these charcoal sketches and self portraits have been done when she was 16, whist she was enrolled at Plymouth College. 

Collage, drawings and illustrations continued to be Raytchev favourite medium until 2011 when she graduated from London College of Fashion. 

She created a commissioned set inspired by human psyche for King’s College and once in a while continues to release small collections. Sketches, writing and collage maintain to be Raytchev’s primary source of idea creation.