Art Chess

Art Chess

Raytchev’s successful collaboration with Purling London luxury chess sets since 2014 has been crucial to her artistic and creative development. With her breathtaking first art chess set, conceptually aligned with the rest of the work, titled ‘Addictions’ received a great response from public as well as chess critics, notably mentioned in the Sunday Times and eventually sold via Harrods. 

Raytchev adds spikes, texture and illustrations onto each, conceptually unique, art chess set. So far she has created 5 of them.  

For full selection of available art chess sets and commissions please get in touch via our contact page. 

One of Raytchev’s most notable achievements is exhbiting her art chess at the World Chess Hall of Fame along side Yoko Ono, Barbara Kruger and Sophie Matisse. 

She also exhibited her ‘Glass Ceiling’ chess installation at the Hungarian National Gallery in 2022 for the Global Chess Festival event organised by Judith Polgar.